How to Choose the Right Solar Power Company in South Carolina

You Are Ready for Solar, but Now What Do You Do?

Now that you have made the choice to energy independence, you now have the daunting task of selecting the solar power provider that is suitable for you. Here are five tips to help you find the best installation company:

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Ask Around

When you are researching for the perfect solar provider, a key factor to consider is, reputation.  Reputation of the company and its contractors speaks volumes to how they treat their clients and their expectations.  When choosing the company, look for reviews on social media sites like Facebook and Google Maps.  If you know anyone personally who has had their own solar panels installed by a particular company, ask them for their personal testimony.  Their feedback may be very beneficial making your final verdict.  It’s also a good idea to check with the Better Business Bureau rating and background.


Ask About Their Experience

You want to ask yourself a few questions prior to signing a contract.  You want to know if this is a new company.  You want to know if they have years of experience in this field that  reflects in their quality of work.  If you are not sure, do not be afraid to question them on how long they have been in business and to see their portfolio.  It is okay to inquire how many projects they have worked through completion.  Ideally, you want to hire a company with an exemplary track record of quality of work and customer service.

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Ask Who Will Do the Install

Will the solar provider handle all tasks, from start to finish?  Confirm with the provider and ask them if they will be managing everything.  Specifically, enquire with them, will they be installing your system or if they will be subcontracting the installation through another company?

Further questions to ask yourself are, does this provider hold a General Contractor’s License?  Will they be able to build what is required to make your solar installation visually appealing and technically functional? If these are questions you are unsure of, feel free to request a copy of their license.  Do not accept no for an answer, it is within your rights to ask them to see their license.

Is the Company a Local Solar Provider?

There are many solar energy companies in South Carolina right now and it is usually better to work with a local company.  A local company will be there for you after the solar power boom and will better understand South Carolina tax credits and the local power companies like Duke, Blue Ridge and Easley Combined just to name a few.

Do not feel intimated; choosing a solar energy provider should not be scary. A reputable provider, should make you feel comfortable and at ease.  After considering their reputation, experience, whether they provide a turnkey solar energy system, if they hold a general contractor’s license and if they are local,  you will be ready to choose the solar energy provider that is perfect for your solar energy needs.

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Let’s Get Started!

There has never been a better time to go solar in South Carolina and with the Federal and State tax credits, solar is now more affordable than ever and much better for the environment.  With ever increasing power bills, solar power makes economic sense for South Carolinians to make the switch and reap the financial rewards.

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